climatic and soil requirement of maize crop production

Climatic and soil requirement of maize crop
Maize popularly known as corn is a staple food in Africa originally planted around April Mail Before the Dawn of rainy season. Maize is so important in their first of the black world mostly in West Africa because it is used for so many things like pop corn flake. So one would have known that before planting corn it is expected that there are some requirements that need to be met for the corn to produce very well.

So this article is about the climatic and soil requirement of maize crop production.
Some of these basic requirements for planting corn like the climatic conditions and the soil requirements are as follows
Climatic and soil requirement for the production of  maize
Maize requires a temperature of 26°C - 300C, rainfall of between 75cm - 1 5ocmper annum and a well-drained sandy loamy soil of pH6-7.

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