what is the effect of monocropping type of farming on an ecological system of an environment

Before looking into the effect of monocropping type of farming on the ecological system, let's look at what is mono cropping in the first place, what type of farming method is called monocropping.

What is mono cropping?
Mono cropping system of Farming is a system of farming in which one crop is cultivated every year.

 monocropping can be termed as a system of Farming whereby a farmer specialises in the production of a single type of crop like rice only

No mono cropping is well understood by you so let us go into the effect of planting only one type of crop by a farmer

The effects of mono cropping system of farming

The following are the effect of monocropping

1. Mono cropping system of Farming provides abundant food for pet of the vastly cultivated crop like a weaver bird eating rice

2. Through mono cropping process of farming the population of pest found on the given environment is increased rapidly

3. So when you are engaging in Mono cropping system of Farming like the planting of rice only, be sure you are going to meet a lot of difficulties in trying to keep your products or produce from pests

4. Mono cropping in effect reduces the soil nutrient of an environment or piece of Farmland.

5. Mono cropping system of Farming can also bring about specialisation in a narrowed area of farming

6. Mono cropping is very important and is good for those who engage in Commercial agriculture like plantation farming.

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