What are endoparasite and the definition of endoparasites. List of endoparasites

Definition of endoparasite
What are endoparasites
Parasite of animals that lives inside its host, derives its food and nutrients from The Host and depends entirely on the host for survival are known as endoparasites

Endoparasites of Man
endoparasite of man are parasite that lives inside the body of the man and survives by sucking all the n nutrients that is supposed to enter the bloodstream
most of this and a parasite that lives in man answer that lives virtually inside the small intestine and the stomach. 

Most endoparasite of man are very dangerous while some are widely an effective human life

List of human endoparasites

  1. Tapeworm as an example of endoparasite
  2. Ascaris endoparasite
  3. Roundworm
  4. Liver fluke

Most endoparasite like the round worms that lives in the stomach of a human are very necessary for balance of living. 

 humans excess of roundworms  in the body causes a lot of restlessness.
this type of endoparasite as roundworm or ascaris that are found in the stomach of a human is said to be dewormed once in every 6 months.

there are endoparasites found in dogs, goats and other farm animals.

Endoparasites of dogs
One major question that comes to mind is do dogs also have endoparasites?
the answer to this question is yes dogs have endoparasite and some of those parasites are found inside the body of a dog as follows
  • Liver fluke
  • Tapeworm
  • Ascaris
  • Whipworm
  • Hookworms
Now these are a few of the endo parasite found in dogs

Differences between endoparasite and ectoparasite
the only Major difference between ectoparasites and endoparasites is that the endoparasites lives inside the body of its host while the ectoparasite lives outside the body of its host

Endoparasite are  mostly in forms of long round worms

some ectoparasite have wings like the lines please some are possessed with exoskeleton like tick

With the way it sounds endoparasite can also be found in fishes, pigs, cattle etc.

conclusively we can categorically say that any parasite that is found inside the body of a living organism that causes discomfort is known as an endoparasite. Like the name suggest endoparasite are parasite that lives inside an organism, although the life cycle will consist of they being transmitted or transferred through other mediums before it gets into the Host but they complete most of the life cycle living in The Host.

Economic importance of endoparasites
this customer named as sometimes we ask that are there any benefit of humans or other animals having endoparasite like fluke, tapeworm, ascaris and roundworm inside them

  • most of the excrete excreted by this internal parasite known as endo parasite are poisonous to their host
  • Most activities of endoparasite affect digestion in human system
  • internal parasite like they are scaris round one or take one consume most of the food nutrients that are supposed to enter the blood system through the villi
  • in the case of tapeworm infection the infected host will be looking dryer and thin every time
  • Like the ascari's endoparasite can cause dizziness in an infected patient

Most of the endo parasite like the tapeworm are becoming extinct to human

Endoparasite of cattle
 the cattle as a breed of animal can also be infected with endoparasites
Here are a list of endoparasite that affect cattle

  • Tapeworm
  • Fluke
  • Roundworms
Most endoparasite recycles their life time from one organism to another like the tapeworm

Endo parasites of goat and sheep
Yeah I few list of parasite that affect goats
  • Liver flukes
  • Tapeworm
  • Roundworm

It has been widely observed that endoparasites can be found in most living animals
Including the birds, mammals and fishes

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