What is poikilothermic animal and homoiothermic animals

Poikilothermic animals a group of animals whose body temperature varies according to the temperature of the environment and surroundings.

So when Poikilothermic animal is mentioned we are talking about animals whose body temperature is never constant. 
This group of animals body temperature varies and fluctuate according to the surrounding temperature.

The body temperature is never constant in Poikilothermic organisms

Examples of poikilothermic animals
  1. 1. toad,
  2. Frog
  3. Snake
  4. Crocodile
  5. Alligators
  6. Fish and
  7. Other group of amphibians
Poikilothermic animals can also be regarded as cold blooded animals. 

2. What are Homoiothermic animals?
Homoiothermic animals are animals are animals whose body temperature remains constant regardless of the changes in the temperature in the surrounding environment. 
So this set of animals whose body temperature does not change even if the environmental temperature changes to any degree these animals are called homeothermic animals.

This term is widely used in reference to birds and mammals.
Humans can also be known as homoiothermic animals

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