major effects of crop rotation on agricultural activity

First let's define crop rotation
What is crop rotation?
Crop rotation is a system of farming where by different crops are grown on the same piece of land year after year in a definite manner so as to maintain the fertility of the soil

If the definition of crop rotation that I gave above is the accurate one so how can there be effect of crop rotation alright let's just go forward and look at some of the effect of the practice of crop rotation in an agricultural environment

The effects of crop rotation
When we say effect of anything we mean what that thing affects others or displaces others for. So the effect of crop rotation simply means how crop rotation affect our agricultural production

1. One major effect of crop rotation is that it add nutrients to the soil through the incorporation of leguminous crops in the rotation process

2. Crop rotation is used to control the effect of weed or growth of weeds on the farm.  So what we mean here is that crop rotation process of Farming system is a method used for weed control

3. Crop rotation system of Farming is a method used to maximize the available land

4. Another effect of crop rotation or  importance of crop rotation is that it helps to control pest associated with the soil

5. One major effect or importance of crop rotation is that it is useful in the control of diseases

6. Another major area or effect of crop rotation is that it is naturally used to control soil erosion

7. One great importance of crop rotation is the conservation of land

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the effect of shifting cultivation and what actually is shifting cultivation

Before delving into what is shifting cultivation and the effect of shifting cultivation, I want to first of all let you know what shifting cultivation is all about

 cultivation is one of the most important areas of Agriculture as it is a type of system of cultivation practices

What is shifting cultivation?
Shifting cultivation is a system of Farming which involves the cultivation of a piece of land for one or two years after which the land is abandon or allowed to fallow for another year before coming back to farm on the same land. 

Now that you've known what is shifting cultivation as a farming practice let us go on to look at the effect or importance of shifting cultivation

What are the effects of shifting cultivation? these effects are listed below

Effect of shifting cultivation
1. Shifting cultivation can be seen as a way of wasting valuable land for farming which is to say leaving a piece of land for a long period of time when we have Scarcity of land for farming tend to waste valuable opportunities that are found in farming practices

2. One major effect of shifting cultivation is that it destroys valuable plants and animals in the area by going into new environment to clear the bushes and destroyed ecosystem for the sake of farming

3. Shifting cultivation decreases the activities of useful microorganisms found in the soil. Shifting cultivation tends to imbalance Or Destroy the microorganisms living in the soil which is destroying the ecosystem but when it comes to agricultural activities one don't really want to mind the microorganisms of the soil but the amount of crop that would produced within that environment is more important.

4. One major importance of shifting cultivation is about leaving a land to fallow or rest for a period of time thereby giving that land a natural feel of nutrient replenishment

5. So shifting cultivation can be a natural way to replenish the Lost nutrient of a piece of land by allowing it to rest for a period of time while farming on another piece of land.

6. Another big effect of shifting cultivation is that it is not good in a place where we'll have communal type of farming system.

7. Shifting cultivation cannot be practiced in an environment where we have shortage of land

8. Shifting cultivation can lead to destruction of the landscape or land degradation

As much as shifting cultivation is is good and because it is fixable to practice where there is enough land one cannot overlook the other effect of shifting cultivation. 

You must also bear in mind that any situation we will have land tenure system practiced it is not easy to engage in shifting cultivation as all land are pre owned by certain individual or government

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