the variegated grasshopper and its damages caused to crops

What are variegated grasshoppers?
The variegated grasshopper is an insect pest of crop

Variegated grasshopper is an example of biting and chewing insects as a result it possesses maxilla and mandible biting parts of mouth

Crops attacked by the variegated grasshopper

The variegated grasshopper can attack most crop types on the farm but the major one we are going to look at this, is the cassava, the yam and Maize

Nature of the damages and economic effect of the variegated grasshopper attack on crop
The following are the ways and the nature of Damages caused by the variegated grasshopper on crops and the farm

1. The adult and the lavae of variegated grasshoppers eat up the leaves and stem of crops it attacks like the cassava

2. Most often their tax buy variegated grasshoppers reducing the rate of photosynthesis and food making of the crop

3. Variegated grasshoppers attack on cassava reduces growth and yield

How to control the spread and attack of the variegated grasshoppers pest of crop
Ways by which a farmer can control the spread of the variegated Grasshopper pest of cassava plant

1. The spread of cassava variegated grasshopper pest can be done through hand picking

2. The use of appropriate insecticide should be used to spray on the farm to curb the spread of variegated grasshoppersgrasshoppers

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green spider mite pest of cassava, it's effect and control method

What is green spidermite?
 spider mite is an insect pest of crop that attacks cassava. The green spider mite best of crop processes mandible and the maxillae. 

The green spidermite is an example of biting and chewing insect pest of crop

Crops that are attacked by green spider mite pest of crop

Cassava tubers is the major crop that is attacked by green spidermite of cassava

Nature of Damages and economic effect of green spider mite of cassava pest

The various ways whereby green spider mite of cassava attacks cassava crop are listed below

1. Since the cassava green spider mite pest is a biting and chewing insect, they basically feed on the leaves of cassava by eating them off

2. The attacks of green spider mite pest of cassava reduces the rate of photosynthesis thereby weakening the strength of the cassava for production

3. One of the effect of a green spider mite pest of cassava is that it reduces the ability or capacity of the crop plant cassava to produce in its maximum

Prevention and control measures of green spider mite pest of crop
The underlisted are some of the ways that we can curb or stop the spread of green spidermite pest of crops-cassava

1. the use of biological method of prevention is advised when dealing with the spread of green spider mite of cassava

2. Another practical method to curb the effect and spread of green spidermite pest of cassava is to spray with the appropriate insecticide or herbicide

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cassava mealybugs pest of crops and effects on crop production, and it's control method

What is cassava mealybugs?
Cassava mealybug is an insect pest of cassava which attacks cassava tubers
Cassava mealybugs is a type of boring insect pest of crop. 

Crops that are attacked by cassava mealybugs
The main crops that are attacked by cassava mealybugs is the cassava and cassava tuber.

Nature of Damages and the effect of cassava mealybugs attack

1. The cassava mealybugs attacks the cassava by twisting of stem and reduced internodes

2. Cassava mealybugs affect the cassava plant or crop by causing the stem or shoot system to swell

3. Another effect of cassava mealybugs is it causes stunted growth

4. Reduced yield

Prevention and control method of cassava mealybugs

1. To control the spread of cassava mealybugs, early planting should be observed by every farmer involved in cassava planting

2. The use of planting of pest resistant varieties of cassava should be encouraged by farmers

3. Cutting system of propagation should also be encouraged

4. Then the last of all is that to curb the excesses of cassava mealybugs, farmers should spray with the right insecticide or herbicide.

Interestingly every Attack of crop pest will always have a negative effect. they will certainly reduce the crop yield, reduce production rate and the May die off eventually

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